Room staff arranging bed at White Swan Hotel
Chef at a buffet at White Swan Hotel

Dreams set sail from here

Your career is great because of you

White Swan Hotel has always value the importance to growth of employees as well as the hotel. Our hotel is committed to developing every employee to be professional elite in the industry. Over the past 40 years, White Swan Hotel is claimed as "Whampoa Military Academy of the Hotel Industry", has always adhered to the principle of personnel training based on internal promotion, and has also cultivated countless hotel elites for the industry. The "Swan Growth Plan" launched by the hotel will guide your career navigation from the aspects of professional skills, academic qualifications, English proficiency, and broaden your career development direction. Welcome to join White Swan Hotel. 

Employee welfare including: 
  • Spacious and comfortable employee dormitory

  • Nutritious and delicious employee meals

  • Full payment of the five social insurances and one housing fund

  • Working five days a week and two days off

  • Various paid leave

  • Comprehensive training system

  • Broad career development platform

Please send your resume to if interested.